paperback jeans

Shailene Woodley was attending the Balmain show during the Paris fashion week wearing acid-wash, super baggy and very high waisted paperback jeans.

She combined two “wanna-be” trends in one pair of jeans: acid wash and paperback. And both wannabe’s don’t seem to really catch on. I have seen paperback jeans in many showroom previews, and even in some stores, but I have yet to see someone out there in “real” life wearing them. The same goes for acid wash. I see those at tradeshows and in stores, and even on some teenage kids, but I doubt that this will be a major trend anytime soon again.

In cases like this, if you want to wear a pair of jeans like these – eye-catching I concede! – go for a pair of less expensive ones. I promise you won’t get to wear them too often by any means!

Check out some options for paperbag jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch, Grlfrnd, and 3×1.

And here are a couple of acid-wash jeans from Wrangler and Topshop.