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“Sustainability – A Comprehensive Look At Denimsandjeans India”

“Sustainability – A Comprehensive Look  At Denimsandjeans India”

Internationally acclaimed denim expert, Dr. Dilek Erik, is back again to the 3rd edition of Denimsandjeans India show which is scheduled for July 17-18 at Hotel Lalit, Bengaluru. Dr. Dilek was here at the first edition for her talk which turned out to be one of the most engaging seminars for that edition.

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At the 1st edition, she talked about the new trends in the denim industry and the title of her seminar was “Why Should We Use Stretch Denim in Men’s Fashion Despite the Rebirth of the Rigid Look” (see video below).

Dr. Dilek has also appeared as a guest speaker at different editions of Denimsandjeans shows in Vietnam as well as in Bangladesh in past few years.

In the 3rd edition, she is going to talk about SUSTAINABILITY and the topic of her seminar will be “A Comprehensive Look At Sustainable Process in Global Denim Supply Chain”.

In her presentation, she is going to talk about the increasing role of sustainable fashion in our industry, and why is it important to have transparent policies and its timely implementation. During her presentation, she is also going to get more details about the current studies in raw materials, dye and chemicals, newly developed processes and waste management.  

Sustainability has become very pertinent these days and all the stakeholders of Denim Supply Chain have been seriously making efforts to implement policies to assure the sustainable practices at every step.

When we look at denim’s history, we realize that there have always been certain values and standards that the sector pursued. First, we lived in a period where the demand was higher than the supply and therefore, the production was paramount. This period was characterized by the companies whose sole purpose was to produce more. 

As production increased, consumers started to demand better quality. Technical specs of the fabric, shrinkage, shade standards, skew, and similar concerns were voiced. For a long time, the sector fought on banning the use of dye and chemicals which would have harmful effects on humans. Several studies were conducted for further research. This was followed by a period where the industry’s awareness expanded to include nature and environment protection. Manufacturers were required to have waste control policies and purification. The compliance was assured bylaws. Once it was realized that we had limited resources, companies tried to find new ways to consume less and recycle what had, previously, been used. 

And, finally, not only adopting those measures, but also sharing them with the public, in other words, transparency, became an important factor.  

The presentation will have a comprehensive look at what has been done for sustainable denim production and what needs to be done

To attend her session, register at www.india.denimsandjeans.com

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