Image courtesy of Artistic Milliners

In honor of the World Water Day – we decided to do our part. Instead of featuring just any pair of jeans in our weekly column, we have chosen some of the best sustainable jeans available right now. Jeans, that are not only trendy, but also produced with less water and less, or no, dye.

Sustainable denim has come a long way. From the very first water-less jeans produced by icon brand, Levi’s, that were in a raw and literally untouched-by-water wash, to the most sophisticated and authentic washes available nowadays.

Looking even very closely at the washes of sustainable denim, these days you will find it very difficult to deem them any less hot and trendy than most of the “regular” washed jeans. Laser treatments have evolved, and more and more brands are opting for less harmful treatments of their denim fabrics.

Check out below our top choices of this week, it was pretty hard to choose – there is a whole lot of really great and sustainable denim out there nowadays.

And remember to let us know your take on these super-cool, trendy, and absolutely sustainable jeans:-)

hi rise distressed jeans
Boyish Billy High Rise Rigid Skinny Jean

women's cropped jeans
Triarchy The Momma
men's slim jeans
G-Star RAW D-Staq 3D Slim-Fit Stretch Jeans
cropped hi-rise jeans
Levi’s Barrel Jeans
vintage jeans
RE/DONE Levi’s High-Rise Stovepipe Crop Jean
curvy kick crop jeans
Everlane Kick Crop Jean