sustainable jeans

While visiting the New York trade show, Capsule/Cabana, and checking out the Triarchy’s new denims, I saw this very pair of jeans and you may ask: so…. what’s so special about these?

Very simple: These jeans have the look and feel of any regular treated and stonewashed denim. But they are NOT! Not only are these jeans totally sustainable and made with way less water – #howmuchwaterareyouwearing. But most interesting: After a lot of trying, and lots of set-backs, Triarchy has finally created a technique of making sustainable jeans look exactly like the regular treated ones. Which is saying a lot, because so far, it has been quite difficult – if not almost impossible – to create the same kind of depth and authentic look by being totally sustainable.

Says Adam:

“Our new denim is made from recycled denim fiber and organic cotton with recycled poly for stretch.”

These jeans and many others are going to be available later in summer – we will keep you updated.

Meantime you can shop for the current Triarchy collection on their website.