Yesterday we have introduced you to Artistic Milliners, totally sustainable and internationally renowned for their efforts to keep our planet clean.

Artistic Milliners will be showing their newest fall/winter 2021 collection at the Kingpins Show in Amsterdam, happening April 10th and 11th, 2019:

“For fall/winter 2021, Artistic Milliners introduces “Crystal Clear empowered with G2 Dynamic” which it defines as a symbiotic technology that covers the wet processing in denim fabric making; clean indigo dyeing and clean fabric finishing.

Pre-consumer and Industrial waste denim with Zero Dyeing and finished with Jeanologia G2 Dynamic Technology with minimum water usage will be its latest Sustainable fabric concept towards Zero Water Discharge. Artistic Milliners has its own Recycling Facility and works with I:CO and our brand partners to recycle post-consumer waste.”

You can read more about Artistic Milliners here.