men's skinny jeans
DL1961 Hunter Faded Skinny Jeans, $38.80

When someone tells me that guys are not so much looking for fashionable jeans, but rather more for classic and traditional denim styles, I can’t help but laugh out loud!

Maybe that was the case last century, when there actually wasn’t much for the guys to choose from. Especially in the pre-stretch denim for dudes times. You had only a couple of denim styles available, and that’s what you bought. Baggy rigid denim jeans, maybe some slimmer straight legs, and the classic 501’s from Levi’s. You didn’t even think about skinnies…. Actually, until a few years ago, guys who wanted skinny jeans, had to shop for them in the women’s department. Shout out if I am wrong!

But these days, there are pretty much as many different denim options available for men as there are for women. And by what I have heard from denim sales associates, guys nowadays are VERY conscious about the kind of jean they want to wear. And they’re not anymore just buying what’s available, but what they actually want.

Prices have been increasing a lot in the last few years, but we searched and found some very cool denims for under $50, and here are some of our preferred. Let us know if you found your new favorite here:-)

bone colored jeans men
Michael Kors Slim-fir Jeans, $35.80

Ecru is a good choice for summer

black coated jeans men
Topman Coated Denim Skinny Jeans, $42

Black coated for a date night out

men's bleach spot jeans
BDG Urban Outfitters Bleach Straight Cropped Jeans, $39.99

For the very fashionable dude

men's bootcut jeans
Express Classic Boot Light Wash Stretch+ Jeans , $49.99

For the athletic built guys with extra stretch

men's black jeans
Volcom Vorta Denim, $44.99

Every guy needs a pair of classic black jeans