The need to unite buyers and suppliers has increased tremendously over the years. Both feel the need to reduce their costs and time spent for sourcing and marketing.

And Denimsandjeans just launched the perfect app to make the buyer’s and supplier’s life so much easier:

“This a step towards technology in the denim market for easy accessibility and network between buyers and suppliers. With an attractive and easy to use design, the app comes with a user friendly portal.

DE-BRANDS is the first Global Denim and Sportswear products sourcing B2B app which brings buyers and suppliers in the denim and sportswear supply chain together at one platform. The focus is on reducing time and cost of marketing and buying for this industry globally. The app provides easy interaction tools for suppliers to showcase their products to buyers and for both to interact with each other. DE-BRANDS is powered by”



De-Brands provides exciting features to make it convenient for the sellers of denim to sell easily and reach out to global buyers. Not only the companies can create their own showrooms and can reach out to buyers, there is a huge opportunity to have 1 to 1 interaction with buyers and among buyers for better networking among the community. The concerns of privacy of the companies are well taken care of so that they can market their products with speed.

“This is an important step in taking business of our denim community online. We hope we can make a small contribution in making business easier and more sustainable”, states Sandeep Agarwal.

The application is supported by a web application as well which enables the buyers and suppliers to use the application at both levels. The website runs parallel with the app and one can register/visit from the website also. Log on to


Browse through thousands of products under single platform No need to carry loads of products sample in the shows. Select and filter form app Easy interaction and business deals with exhibitors as well as other buyers.


Some of the reputed denim companies globally including Artistic Fabrics, Raymonds, Prosperity, Crescent, Naveenaetc and others are currently displaying their product ranges on the app and more companies are being added on the way. From the buying community a large number of designers, sourcing guys etc from over 7 countries from different retailers and brands are using the app to reach out to suppliers.

I-Phone users can download the app from this link-

Web-application can be accessed from this link: