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We @Denimology are excited post about Artistic Milliners, a sustainable brand that is one of the biggest denim suppliers worldwide and especially here, in the USA.

We @Denimology are excited post about Artistic Milliners, a sustainable brand that is one of the biggest denim suppliers worldwide and especially here, in the USA.

If we have to say just one word about Artistic Milliners, it would be “SUSTAINABLE” in capital letters. Why? Well, just read on:

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Artistic Milliners Waste Water Facility

“Established in 1949, Artistic Milliners has since expanded to become a fully vertically integrated textile set-up with the aim of providing high-end customers with premium quality denim fabrics and garments. Since its inception Artistic Milliners has been a front-runner in the global textile industry and has been spearheading denim innovation and sustainability, continually pushing the boundaries of what a pair of jeans can be. Artistic Milliners today employs about 16,000 people with representative offices across the globe with a showroom in Soho, New York and headquarters in Karachi.

As a vertical denim company, it serves to reputable denim brands worldwide and nearly 70% of the company’s clientele is from United States.

Artistic Lab Dubai is a Design and R&D Center equipped with innovative technology machines and utilizes eco-friendly processes and serves as an incubation center for designers and developers to experiment new washing techniques with latest technological advancements in sustainable garment washing.

Artistic Milliners is the first denim mill to develop Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) Gold Certified Denim Fabric in partnership with G-Star RAW and developer of “Crystal Clear” clean indigo technology together with DyStar® and G-Star RAW.Crystal Clear is a revolutionary technology that eliminates waste at the design stage. The process is open sourced at Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Library. The process reduces water consumption at the dyeing stage by 20%, chemicals by 70% and generates effluent that is 100% recyclable. The future plan is to cover all of its products under C2C umbrella by 2025.”

Artistic Milliners has a holistic approach towards sustainability: company’s major focus areas for next few years are water stewardship, renewable energy and worker well-being. It sets clear goals in each area along with the arranging the necessary budgets and human resource to ensure the desired 2025 goals.
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C.L.E.A.N (Chemical free, Laser processing, Environmentally-friendly, Alternative energy, No stones) represents the company’s philosophy, where symbiotic technologies use “safe and renewable materials” to help the creatives designing “zero waste” denim.

With Pakistan’s certifying its first organic cotton bale earlier in 2019, Artistic Milliners works with its strategic clients to adopt more home-grown organic cotton and also to increase trace-ability and transparency of its sourced cotton.

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Artistic Milliners Women Empowerment