Articles of Society Faith Flare Jean in Rio Bueno Review - Front View

Hey everyone! It’s been quite a long time since you’ve heard from me, but I’m still here! For those who are new, I’ve been a reviewer here at Denimology since early 2014, and for those who have followed me since that time, you know I’ve always been known to review mostly dark blue skinny jeans!

How can you be surprised though…there are so many on the market and skinny jeans have always been in style. However, another trend has been re-emerging with flying colors: the flare. Flares and bootcuts, as well as other wider-legged styles, always seem to be wavering on the line between cool and uncool, but they’ve always got a following, especially those who are forever fans of vintage styles.

For this review, I was contacted to work with Articles of Society and although they have plenty of beautifully tempting skinny fits (I own one already and looooove them…and they happen to be faded black, not blue), I chose something different this time. You guessed it, a flare! So read on for my Articles of Society Faith Flare Jeans in Rio Bueno review!

Just in case you don’t follow trends all that much (I generally don’t, but as a blogger, I keep my eye on what’s going on to the best of my ability), flare jeans have come back. I guess they haven’t ever really gone per se,. But skinny jeans always, and have for a lot of the time, dominated the market.

When premium denim first busted through the scene in the early 2000s, bootcut jeans were all the rage. Flare was a very close second, and I remember the crazy hesitation amongst denim fans when skinnies were new. But whatever you feel about flare jeans, they always represent a more boho, laid back style…popular in the flowery colorful hippy days of the ’60s and ’70s. They represent a large part of the vintage denim market as well.

I was excited to grab a pair to review! Not only are these jeans from Articles of Society not your usual flare, but they also have plenty of style. Of course they have your usual desired faded vintage wash, but they include beautiful dark blue panels on the outsides of the flares, and a raw cut-off hem. Talk about some real hippy, laid back appeal.

Articles of Society Faith Flare Jean in Rio Bueno Review - Sitting Down

The Articles of Society Faith Flare Jeans in Rio Bueno is a super soft, well-fitting pair that I believe will fit a wide range of curvy shapes. I got my usual size of 26 and almost feel I could have sized down a little bit, but they haven’t stretched out much as I’ve worn them around sitting, squatting and just living life in them. I’m always kind of between a size 25 and a 26 anyway since sizing differs so much with every brand, so sizing down may have worked ok for me but not for everyone. The jeans are made up of 73% cotton, 23% polyester, 3% rayon and 1% spandex for a truly vintage feel and just enough stretch to hug your assets. They feature a mid rise of 8.5”, and I am stoked they come with a 33” inseam! Most flares come in taller lengths and require hemming, which is the main reason why I don’t often buy them. I don’t wear heels that much so those jeans sit in my closet most of the time, waiting to come out for a night on the town. However, these fit great with any shoe, whether they are flip flops, sneakers or heels. My usual inseam is anywhere between 32” and 33” so these are absolutely perfect to wear casually or with heels, as I do in my review here. I totally love the dark blue denim insert on the flares, as they add such a fun playful side which actually increases their versatility with a wide range of outfits! It’s a nice way to effortlessly spruce up your look for any occasion.

If you’ve been sick and tired of skinny jeans taking over the market, and are looking for a cool flare to add to your closet, the Articles of Society Faith Flare Jeans in Rio Bueno is a great choice! Dress them up, or dress them down…they’ll look great with anything and I bet they’ll inspire your creative senses more than your standard flare jean. They are a great choice for a premium feel on a not-so premium budget as well! Summer is coming…grab them! Strut your stuff! You won’t regret it!

Shop the Articles of Society Faith Flare Jeans in Rio Bueno here (and take some time to check out their other jeans too, wherever you choose to shop for them…I promise you’ll dig their fit and feel).

You can shop for Articles of Society on their website and at Nordstrom.