The world’s first Cradle-to-Cradle Gold Denim Certified Denim Fabric Maker Artistic Milliners continues to keep one step ahead with path-breaking sustainable technologies and better practices by launching 100% Recycled Denim.

TheRESPECT: 100% Recycled Denim” collection has made its debut at Kingpins Amsterdam in April and the company will be collaborating with graphic artist and 3D creator Moon Heemin to unveil his latest work presented at New York Denim Days in June.

The 70-year old denim company adopts “integrated sustainable design principles” where it seeks production efficiency by finding the perfect balance between resource management, productivity and zero waste. Symbiotic technologies, which use “safe and renewable materials”, are designed to help in the creative designing of “zero waste” denim. RESPECT shows the company’s commitment to Mother Earth and all the life she supports, developing solutions for the ‘better-made choices’ for our planet.

The RESPECT Collection is made from Pre-Consumer and Industrial waste designed with the company’s proprietary“Crystal Clear”Clean Indigo dyeing technology.

Pre-consumer waste comes from the fabric scraps and yarn waste collected from the cutting room and factory floors where fabrics and materials are sorted by color, then run through a machine that shreds the fabric into fiber. Denim fabrics designed with recycled fibers use less water and chemicals, reduce waste and generating less carbon dioxide. Artistic Milliners also has its own recycling facility and works with I:CO and its brand partners to recycle post-consumer waste.

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