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The international denim & sportswear supply chain show In Vietnam, Denimsandjeans Vietnam is all set to launch its 4th season this year on June 12th, 2019. There will be 40+ exhibiting companies from around the globe. The theme of the show is “MY EARTH MY DENIM”, which once again stresses the importance of sustainability.

Exhibiting companies from 10 countries are participating this time, including Artisitic Milliners, Arvind, Black Peony, Coats, T&T Garments, Navi Jeans, Jeans Resource, Prosperity Textile, Foison, TCE Denim, Thailand Denim, SD Chemicals, Ramsons, Kassim Denim, US Denim & Apparels, Crescent Bahuman, Swarovski, and Soorty. The inclusion of all these garment companies will help international visitors to cover the entire supply chain.

The show will have visitors from Hong Kong, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, and the US , besides a large number of local brands and exporters. Complete exhibitor list is live now at


Vietnam’s apparel Industry has become more attractive each year and the treaties have made the country even more interesting .  CPTPP is already enforced and EVFTA with Europe is expected soon. In 2018, Vietnam exported approximately USD 36 billion of textile and apparel products. This is 16% more than what they had exported in 2017 and the growth will definitely continue in 2019.

USA is still one of the biggest markets for Vietnamese Apparel Industry. And with the on-going US-China trade/tariff war, Vietnam is going to emerge as one of the biggest beneficiaries. The jeans shipment to the USA in 2018 showed an increase of 43% from 2017 and the total denim exports were estimated at USD 296 million.

According to VITAS, USA holds 53% of the total exports of apparel from Vietnam and Japan holds 20%. Korea and Taiwan are the biggest investors in this country in the Textile and Apparel sector and out of 2100 projects, approximately 1520 projects are for garment factories only. 

All these encouraging figures make Vietnam very special for Denim sourcing. Therefore the 4th edition of Denimsandjeans Vietnam is going to be the perfect event to meet all the key players from the Vietnamese Denim Industry and other suppliers to Vietnamese Denim Companies.


  • Topic: To do good, you actually have to do something; enough talk about sustainability, it is ACTION time.

    Speaker: Mr. Stefano Aldighieri (Ex- Design Director Levi, Ex Creative Director Sevens)
  • Topic: Sustainable denim production – a comparison between China and Vietnam

    The talk will discuss the opportunities and challenges in the blue jeans world, and the speaker will share his first-hand experience about sustainable denim at Prosperity’s two mills in Quanh Ning, Vietnam and Shaoguan, China, from the source and use of raw materials to new recycling techniques and from smart fabric development to the next gen denim apparel business models.

Speaker: Mr. Leo Gu (GM Prosperity Textile)

  • Topic: Current Trend in Retail and the importance of Sustainability for consumers and the buyers /designer and manufactures

    Speaker: Ms. Joanne Swift (Ex- Creative Director Mamiye Brothers)
  • Topic: Growth Through Sustainable Denim Production

The talk will be focusing on two subjects:

  • If jeans production in Asia continues its current growth, the impact on the environment will be catastrophic. A view on how sustainable production is allowing the sector to keep growing and the track to follow if we want to keep it up.

  • How this challenge is faced in different Asian countries and how are they adapting the industry in this regard.

Speaker: Mr. Jordi Juani (Sales Director- Jeanologia)

A special traditional fashion show, the “Ao dai Denim Show” is scheduled on very first day in the evening, featuring the traditional dresses of Vietnam in form of denim. The entry in the show is invitation only, however buyers can register on the spot as well. To save time, buyers can also register online at . For any queries, please email [email protected]