red skinny jeans women

Slowly, but surely we have been noticing colored denim appearing on our radar again.

A couple of months ago it all started when lots of brands went into “neon mood”. You could find (and still find) neon colored tops and sweaters in many stores and online.

It was just a question of time when the colored jeans would have their come-back season again. And it’s definitely this summer. We have been shopping – online, what we call finger-shopping 😉 – and found some really rad colored denim out there, but this is for another post and another time. But we couldn’t resist telling you about these Liverpool bad boys, the Penny Ankle Skinny High Performance, like, right away.

Not only are they made of their no-sag, no-stretching out, high performance denim fabric, but that red color is all we eve dreamed about. The red is meshed into the the denim threads, making the jeans look exactly like jeans, and not like twill pants. A subtle red, not bright or too deep, this is a color we will be able to pair easily.

The style of the jeans is a skinny ankle with a 28″ inseam and comes in a comfortable mid-rise. The sizes range from 0 to 16.

And if red is not exactly your thing, he Penny Ankle jeans also come in other washes and colors, check them out here.