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You must be wondering why I chose this pair of tie dyed jeans from Citizens of Humanity as my favorite jean of the week – and I have to say, I can’t blame you 🙂

As you probably all know by now, I am a denim “purist”. Meaning, I always prefer rather simple and straight-forward denims, no prints, frills, embroideries, or any kind of artifice. I am a goner for vintage jeans, any kind of vintage wash, clean, distressed, or ripped – it all goes.

This said, every once in a while, though, being a denim editor and reviewing tons of jeans every single season, I come across a special pair which totally gets to me. And this is the case with the CoH tie dyed babies here. I was able to check them out personally at their recent press preview…. and I clearly remember the ladies at the event shaking their heads. Saying, ah well, we know that these are not your kind…

Sorry, Jessica and Sacha, this time you were wrong!!! I left the preview, and these tie dyed boyfriends left with me (in my mind and in my denim-heart!)!

Seriously, the more I tried to get them out of my mind, the more they insisted in staying.

And why? I am going to say it very loud and clear: These are just the most fun jeans to wear during the hot summer months, when it’s all about fun, rooftop bars, garden parties, and summer vacations. Not too overdone, the jeans are not distressed or ripped, and the tie-dye is actually pretty subtle and laid-back. And this goes for the light blues as well as for the baby-pink wash.

And if you’d rather keep your jeans simple but want to elevate our outfit to something more special, you can also opt for the tie dyed denim jacket in pink.

Check them out on the Citizen’s website, or at Nordstrom. These are going to be the one pair of jeans you won’t regret splurging for, I promise!

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