stovepipe jeans

Today it’s all about the RE/DONE stovepipe jean.

If you are shopping for a new pair of jeans but are pretty much lost because of all the options out there… And with almost every brand insisting on the come-back of the rigid denim super slouchy 90’s jeans… Well, we feel you.

Slouchy is cool, rigid denim is edgy. No question about it. But how many of those top fashion jeans do you actually want to invest in?

We already own a closet full of skinnies, wide-legs don’t really make us look too great. And cropped flares – kind of last season, isn’t it.

So this said, the reason why we chose the RE/DONE High Rise Stovepipe as our favorite of the week.

hi-rise jeans

What is a stovepipe jean: It’s basically a slightly tighter version of straight-leg jean, fitted to the knee, and then straight to the ankle. Also often called Cigarette Jean. It is a totally contemporary fit that is definitely worth investing in because you are going to wear this style forever and ever.

The look is that of a perfect vintage-like rigid denim jean in a medium blue wash. And these jeans actually are quite on the comfy side, they do have some (invisible but “feel-able”) stretch: 96% cotton, 3% polyester, 1% elastane. They feature a must-have button-fly and are a high rise. So here you have all the mandatory fashion trends, without the slouchy and oversized look.

This is the 2019 way to look sexy without all the spandex-look of your regular skinnies.

The RE/DONE stovepipe jeans also come in white, black, and different shades of blue.