denim day festival

Denim Day Festival is going to unite all denim lovers again this coming weekend. And lots of stuff will be happening there. You will meet kindred spirits and be able to check out some cool new denims.

And a great outdoor vintage denim event is planned for all of us vintage denim lovers.

One of the participants, Artistic Milliners, will have an exciting new collaboration showing:

Artistic Milliners is proud to announce its collaboration with acclaimed graphic artist MOON for New York Denim Days on 8-9th June.

The special showcase features MOON’s whimsical 3-D Art that will inspire the audience in awe of his creative interpretation of animal life and the shapes that surround us.

His love of nature combined with the recycled and responsibly-made denim fabrics by Artistic Milliners will be curated as an art installation at Denim Days Festival. All denim fabrics incorporated in MOON’s art have been selected from Artistic Milliners’ RESPECT” collection.

denim collaboration

As an environmental art project, the collaboration aims to raise awareness through creative work that fosters a deep sense of respect for the Earth and all beings upon it.

It is a nod to purest and noblest kind of relationship where all forms of life are intrinsically connected with each other.This notion is centered around environmental mindfulness for reducing our impact on the environment and protecting our beautiful planet.

RESPECTfabrics are developed with pre-Consumer and industrial waste and dyed with Artistic Milliners’ proprietary “Crystal Clear” Clean indigo dyeing technology.


Heemin Moon is an established graphic artist who graduated from Gachon University, Seongnam, South Korea with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Design. Moon’s graphic success has been displayed in the auction world of Bid Square, various book covers and other NYC projects for private companies. Aside from his daily work, Moon’s passion is creating his 3-D Visions on paper, textiles and other various recycled materials. His unique approach to design began in his earlier work in Korea with the DOG PROJECT, a well acclaimed special Exhibit at Gachon University.


Instagram :@iamonthemoon_