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Crocs x Barney’s – Denim Crocs Anyone?

Crocs x Barney’s – Denim Crocs Anyone?
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Who doesn’t actually love to wear a pair of Crocs every once in a while…

And even though we’re not much of a fan of plastic anything, we have to admit that sometimes it’s actually pretty cool to sway off your principles. And especially even more so when it comes to denim.

Crocs just launched a capsule collection in collaboration with Barney’s including a super rad denim meets studs + spikes meets punk version. And they also come in black. The bad news? They come in bigger dude’s sizes only, meaning if you are below a men’s size 7 – fuhgedaboudit.

The kinda good news? Girlie styles in white and pink (sans spikes), and black (including somewhat less spiky spikes) are yours for the take.

Check ’em out below.