vintage jeans

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin were kinda camera shy as they were photographed out in Los Angeles. Have you also always wondered how come celebrities always try to shield their faces from the paparazzi? Isn’t it part of the “job description” of a celeb to be snapped as often as possible 😉

Well, at any rate Kendall wore a really interesting pair of vintage jeans. Do you remember the brand L.E.I.? I do have a somewhat vague childhood memory of seeing these some place some time…

Kendall’s jeans are a pair of L.E.I. Riding Pants. Actually very fashionable mom jeans with a leather front, like chaps. Too bad they don’t make these anymore. But if you get lucky, you can still find some L.E.I. jeans in your size on Ebay.

Check out the chap jeans from R13 in black leather and blue denim, and also in black leather with black denim.