First Summer weekend this year and there is no way we’re not doing denim shorts. We’ve been dragging along in cropped and regular inseam jeans for the last – I don’t even want to think about how many – months.

And the reason we chose Good American’s distressed denim shorts as the feature of the week is that not only are they super cute, but they also come in sizes that work for everybody and every body.

The front of the slightly longer cut denim shorts is heavily distressed and ripped, but the back is in a clean wash. We love that the distressing is exactly the same for all sizes. Unfortunately, most of the denim brands have the totally un-realistic vision of when it comes to plus sizes, they need to tone down the distressing. We think that this is not cool at all, actually, it annoys us most of the time.

Check out these Good American Cutoff Denim Shorts In Blue254 here.

And there are tons of other denim shorts also available – and in all sizes – on the Good American website.