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One of the reason we have been dedicated fans of German brand, Closed, since forever is that they always have in incredible lifestyle collection besides their denims. And not only that, they also come up with new and refreshing denim styles every season, and update their trademark core collection with new washes and fits.

The Closed woman for fall 2019 is a strong and confident traveler. With her in mind, this season celebrates a variety of cultural identities and is inspired by the unsung heroines, journalists, activists, astronauts and artists, who individually make a difference in the world.

She is a nomad ready for any expedition. Her wardrobe reflects her sense of adventure with an eclectic clash of cultural influences: batik washes from Indonesia, blanket stripes from Morocco, heritage checks from Scotland, all wrapped and layered into a striking, but coherent mix of styles. Her look is relaxed and comfortable, cinched at the waist with easy tie belts to give a feminine silhouette.

Denim is and always will be Closed’s signature, presented here with new washes and stitching. The shapes reflect influences from the 1980’s and 1990’s, but are presented with a modern twist and unexpected details.

Waistbands are upgraded on jeans, half detached, stacked on top and especially eye-catching on denim jackets. One of the comebacks of the season, the jacket is shown oversized and either in an 80’s wash or in a grunge style with ripped edges. A new pink wash on black denim is a key trend. Acid and batik washes add a playful touch to jeans.

Layering with heritage checks takes a little bit of attitude and means having fun experimenting. The best example is adding checked flannel shirts to slouchy and understated tailoring. A cocoon coat is a great finish for the look. The cargo pant leads the way in this delivery and is the perfect companion for the Closed nomad,
combining utility and current trends either in cotton twill or fluid denim.

The blanket stripe poncho is the perfect addition to caftan dresses and jeans for an unexpected layering silhouette – a look that brings to mind Saharan nights and is right for just about anywhere. The sleeveless version is a fresh and modern take on the worker shirt. Wear with slouchy tailored pants for a polished yet understated look. Denim has frayed and torn edges.

Ecru denim with a paint splash print with an artisan edge – perfect to wear right now as well as later on. Streetwear becomes more refined in this delivery in the shape of an easy denim tracksuit, with either track bottoms or a track skirt. The main colors are midnight blue and caper green with fresh sky blue and splashes of yellow and toffee pink to lighten up the pallet.

The Winter 2019 Closed collection is dedicated to women explorers – past and present – who challenge standards, push limits, and travel into the unknown.

One is the remarkable Isabella Bird, explorer, writer, photographer and naturalist. She defied convention by wearing trousers whilst navigating the Rocky Mountains in 1873. Another is Mary Kingsley, explorer, ethnographer, and demure adventurer, who traveled through West Africa discovering new species in full Victorian dress.

Today, a new breed of female adventurers continue to push the boundaries. Women like American writer and adventurer, Kira Salak, the first person to kayak solo from the Niger River to Timbuktu. Closed presents a strong collection that any modern day explorer would be proud to wear.

You can shop for Closed on their website – now also available in the USA.

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