men's jeans

James Franco was spotted heading out of LAX, clad in a “denim uniform” outfit.

He wore a pair of light blue baggy and relaxed jeans with frayed and cut-off hems, a black printed band-t-shirt, and a black leather jacket.

James’ jeans are what we normally would call “dad” jeans, just that this term/style has become pretty popular for the ladies, LOL. On the other hand, those very dad jeans don’t look very exciting when worn by a guy, but then again… If it’s comfort you’re looking for, then relaxed straight leg jeans definitely should be your thing.

Hint: you can also travel in comfort AND look sexy and stylish in a pair of more fitted jeans that have stretch. They’ll feel just as comfy as bagged out jeans and also will make you look good.

Check out some great comfort/stretch jeans here. And if you really do love your jeans baggy and relaxed, check out these from Calvin Klein, Stussy, and Ralph Lauren.

relaxed straight leg jeans men