hi-rise jeans

Katie Holmes is one of our favorites denim queens, and we usually love her choices of jeans.

But this time she is showing us a very common problem that often occurs when wearing super, high-rise jeans: a sagging crotch.

Katie’s jeans look like a style somewhere in between a hi-rise boyfriend and mom jean. The upper part of her jeans is ample, albeit pretty obviously ill fitting, while the legs are tapered.

Being that the jeans have an extreme high rise, it looks like Katie wasn’t able to pull them up high enough, so they are sagging at the crotch. Also the too short zip-fly doesn’t do anything to improve the look.

Before you buy one of the right now trendy super- and sky-high rise jeans, you really need to make sure that you are actually able to pull them up all the way. I am not a great fan of jeans that go up almost to my boobs. But this is my personal opinion. I am sure there are lots of you out there who love the super high rise silhouette and are actually able to wear them high enough to look good.

Then again it is all about finding the right pair of super-high’s for your body type. Check out some editor-approved options from RE/DONE, Closed, and J Brand.

And stay tuned for our next trend report on super high waisted jeans to follow soon.

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