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New “Unexpected” Denim: RE/DONE, Good American

New “Unexpected” Denim: RE/DONE, Good American
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There is always some kind of association when you think of a special denim brand. For instance, RE/DONE for us always used to be synonymous for re-constructed, or re-purposed vintage jeans with no stretch. Even though, in the last couple of years, they have also included some stretch denims, we still think of them as a rigid denim brand.

And then – on the other hand – Good American has always been thought of a brand that creates stretch jeans that fit almost every kind of body type. Imagine our surprise when they came up with a pair of rigid denim jeans just now.

Our point is that we love to inform our readers when we come across some – let’s say, unexpected – denims that we would never have associated with a certain brand. Serendipity? When you’re looking for one thing but find another?

Well then, hello RE/DONE – The Stretch High Rise Ankle Crop, available in ten different washes. We went for the white wash, because it is actually quite difficult to find white stretch jeans out there that are not too thin and too transparent. And especially, that do not cling too much (showing all the stretchmarks on your legs, d’oooh).

And hello, Good American – this one is for you who love the top trendy non-stretch straight leg jeans. It is pretty hard for the curvier ladies to find rigid denim jeans in a straight leg that actually fit well and perfectly at the waist, AND the butt, AND the legs. Good American did it with their 100% cotton Good Boy Straight leg jeans, available in size 0 to 24. Hint: these bad boys also feature an opening slit at the outside of the ankles that add an extra charm. The Goo Boy Jeans also come in several different washes, check them out here.

Stay tuned here for more unexpected” denims from unexpected brands – we love this inspiration. If you have any suggestions for us, please let us know in a comment below this post and we will absolutely follow up.

Sameness is boring. Let’s do it like the French say: vive la difference!

{note from the editor: this is the first one of a series of denim talks, suggestions are welcome!}