denim talks

As I had mentioned in my recent post about Katie Holmes in super high-rise jeans, there is a good and a bad way how to pull off the look.

The most common error we have seen out there was that these jeans were worn the same way as the regular high waisted jeans. Which results in sagging and bulging crotches.

The only way you can look good in extremely hi-rise jeans is if you can actually pull them up high enough for the crotch to fit exactly right. And often that means, pulling them up to almost your boobs. Tricky, right!

At any rate, I haven’t yet figured out the “why” of the super high waist. The regular high waist should be high enough for most of us.

But, out of curiosity, I went with a couple of my denim addict friends to a few stores to try on that very style from different brands as an experiment.

Here are our most noteworthy results:

If you cannot pull them up as far as possible, forget it. You won’t be happy with this look at all.

If you have to sit down for a longer period of time, good luck to you. I suffered from quite a rash above the the waistline after sitting for about an hour in an UBER car. And this, even though the jeans I wore were neither too tight, nor restricting at all – while I was standing up.

And there is another problem – the rivets on the inside pockets. It appears the area above your navel is more sensitive and may react to the nickel which is part of the substance in most rivets. It happened to me and it took me a few tries to find out what was going on. I taped one side of the rivets with a surgical tape, and, sure enough, the side which was not taped, made me have the itching and swelling reaction. I have never ever had this reaction while wearing “regular” high waisted jeans, even when they were super skinny and fitted.

We have tested quite a lot of super high rises and also worn them for a longer period to see how they wear in “real life”.

Check out our top choices and why we chose them:

stove pipe jeans
RE/DONE Ultra High-Rise Stove Pipe Jeans

Looks and feels like real denim and will give a bit at the waist when you wear them. Get them in your regular size.

ultra hi-rise jeans
AGOLDE Roxanne Super Hi Rise Jeans

Made of soft stretch denim that will not sag, the cropped inseam is perfect for RN and also later in the next seasons to wear with cool booties.

exposJed button jeans
J Brand Natasha Sky Skinny Jeans

I tried on these and loved the way the fit snug, but not too constricting. The only thing I did not love were the buttons on the side. Besides making my hips look wider, they also pinched a bit when I was sitting down. But these should work fine for all of you out there with a boy-shaped body.

plus size hi-rise jeans
American Eagle NE(X)T LEVEL Curvy Highest Waist Jegging

Super soft and available in extended sizes – our curvy “test pilot” obsesses! Hint: don’t buy them too tight because then the knee rips will tear a lot.

cropped bootcut jeans
Wrangler Hi Bells High-Rise Cropped Flare Jean

If you love vintage denim, these come pretty close – the rise is very high, the fit, a modern cropped bootcut. And they have some stretch, so it’s a less snug and more relaxed fit

black jeans
Ksubi x Kendall Hi N Wasted Flash Jeans

And last, but not least, a brand new high-waist bad boy from the Ksubi x Kendall collab, which just launched. We were not able to try them on yet. But, according to the description, they should be super soft and stretch. Can’t go wrong with these…