black jeans

Black jeans are eternal. Classic. The most important denim staple in any denim lover’s closet. And it has to be “real” denim, not some kind of twill, or spanx-like stretch material.

The Moussy Vintage Velma Skinny Jean is one of the best, fulfilling all above mentioned requirements. Even though they do have 2% stretch, they still feel and look like real denim. And this small amount of stretch just helps to make these babies not just look good, but also feel comfortable.

A denim-lovers dream. These Moussy Vintage skinny jeans are shredded, faded, and distressed to perfection. The distressing is very subtle, except for the shredding at the back of the hems. And even so, the feathered shredding looks totally “natural”.

Hint: Personally, as you all know, I am not really a fan of skinny jeans. I up-sized them one size and the fit was perfect. A kind of slim straight leg fit, or boy-fit, a bit slouchy, but by no means oversized or baggy.

The Moussy Vintage Velma jean is part of a quite impressive vintage collection. You can check out some other very rad styles from the brand at Barney’s, Farfetch, and at Harrods.