sustainable denim

Conscious Chatter invited Adam Taubenfligel, co-owner and creative director of family owned Triarchy, to talk about the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry, and especially in the denim department.

LA-based sustainable denim brand, Triarchy has a focus on conserving water, and reducing the massive consumption that is typically used to make jeans.

Adam shares more on what led him from film to fashion, and how he discovered the destructive nature of the apparel industry. He also elaborates on how he believes mindfulness could be the key to transforming the fashion industry. After being on a month-long Instagram cleanse, Adam describes the power in disconnecting, when it comes to enhancing our creativity and productivity.

“We are trying to be as sustainable as possible. But then, if we bring something to the market that is not giving you those things you love about the jeans that hold you in and do all this stuff, then they won’t sell. And then you’re not running a business. And so, you have to also remember this is a business and not a not-for-profit sustainable thing,” says Adam.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • Ozone Denim Systems
  • e-flow Technology
  • “When you go into every major department store in the world, it’s basically the same 5 brands that are on that wall. And so, I really do think there’s room on those walls for brands that really are dedicated to making the denim industry as good as possibly can be, and that maybe have the ability to do that because they aren’t juggernauts, yet.”

You can listen to the complete Podcast here.