Denim manufacturer, Artistic Milliners, has some really wonderful and inspiring news:

They have signed contract with Catco Kids Inc.– a U.S. based corporation, accredited by both the US department of Youth and Family Services and the US department of Education for consultancy in construction and operations.

As a supporter of UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 and UN Women Empowerment Principle 2 by providing quality child support services to its workers, the company is financing $120/ child/month for children in the daycare center and the workers are not being charged in any way based on the fact that minimum wage in Pakistan is $115.

Artistic Milliners is revolutionizing corporate childcare by building a purpose-built Daycare center which houses separate rooms for sleeping, dining, Montessori learning and will also have an additional garden space for playing and outdoor activities. The daycare staff includes certified nurse, center-aids, and teachers who’ll be trained in fields like Developmentally Appropriate Practices and Basic Life Support.

 “The reason why we decided to go out of our way to build a home for the workers’ kids is because we realized some of our workers are stretched too thin managing their roles as care givers and bread earners of their family.” explains Murtaza Ahmed, Managing Director, Artistic Milliners.

Some of the women workers who have signed up their kids for daycare are migrant workers who leave their kids behind in native town for lack of safe places in the city. There are also those who have to force stop school education of their elder kids so they can stay back with the younger ones. Children also drop out of school and accompany their fathers to work because it’s safer to be around a parent figure than to stay alone at home.

“All of this is absolutely unacceptable, and it is time that we stop treating childcare as a side issue, or a women’s issue and bring it to the center of corporate priority that it is.” – Murtaza Ahmed.

The idea is not just to take care of basic housing or nutrition needs. Some of the kids will be spending 4-8 hours in our centers and it’s just as important to take care of their cognitive needs.

Female workforce has a major role to play in shaping Artistic Milliners future and there is a clear business case in terms of workforce that is fully invested with the company.

Way to go, Artistic Milliners! We sincerely hope that many factories out there will get inspired and follow this amazing line of thoughts.

About Artistic Milliners:

Established in 1949, Artistic Milliners is a denim fabric and garment manufacturing company based in Pakistan with a strong focus on technology, innovation and sustainability. Artistic Milliners is the first denim mill in the world to develop Cradle-to-Cradle Gold Certified Denim Fabric in partnership with G-Star RAW and developer of “Crystal Clear” clean indigo technology together with DyStar® and G-Star RAW. Artistic Milliners today employs about 16,000 people with representative offices across the globe with a showroom in Soho, New York. Artistic Lab Dubai is a Design and R&D Center equipped with innovative technology machines and utilizes Eco-friendly processes and serves as an incubation center for designers and developers to experiment new washing techniques with latest technological advancements in sustainable garment washing. Company’s Eco-Tech Garment Unit is Pakistan’s first LEED platinum-certified factory. Artistic Milliners became the official signatories of UN Women Empowerment Principles as participants of UN Sustainable Development Goals and ranked among the 2018 FT&HERoes Champions of Women in business list. Artistic Milliners is Pakistan’s first FAIRTRADE certified factory which represents safe and healthy working conditions, sustainable livelihood for the people behind it, environmental protections and additional funds to empower worker communities. Artistic Milliners; the Denim Company of Future.