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BLANKNYC – “Snakes” Are a Thing This Fall

BLANKNYC – “Snakes” Are a Thing This Fall
snakeskin printed jackets

We’ve seen it coming! After an onslaught of snakeskin sandals and booties in stores as well as online, it was just a question of time when we could also be covered in snakeskin denims.

And – of course – fashion-forward as always, BLANKNYC has us covered (literally). They have just released a mini capsule collection of snakeskin prints, spot-on named “Snake Along”.

Why we love it? Because we need to add some fun to our denim closet. And also, it’s ok to stand out in a crowd every once in a while.

The mini capsule consists of a trucker jacket, the Snake Along Jacket, a mini skirt, the Jane in Snake Along, and a cropped skinny jean, the Reade Crop in Snake Along.

Snakeskin print is the new leopard print.

Are you on it? 😉

snakeskin print denim skirt
snake print skinny jeans