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Yeah – we know – it’s still way too hot to even contemplate anything winter!! But. let’s face it, sooner or later…. Ok, so here we go with another of German brand, Closed’s, looks. And this time it’s all about the winter 2019/20 styles for dudes. Layering, layering, guys, this is what’s going to add a lot of fun to your winter outfits.

The World Wanderer Collection
The collections is eclectic and expressive. We are world wanderers and tell this story.

Closed & beyond.
As we understand the social evolution as it is happening now, we find ourselves in new jumbled constellation.

We wander, we arrive, we stay and we move on. We meet people of all kinds. Individuality is key.

These ideas are the essence of this winter collection.
Great individual pieces and well-balanced rich basics merge to a patch worked look. Colors and materials are modern tools to express exactly this. New looks come across fresh and unexpected. Fabric mixes and different intensities of color shades. The energy is vibrant and positive through its choice of silhouette and fabrics. There is a
right balance of woolens in different weights and hand feels. From light cashmere to boiled wool checks with an outdoor character. Cottons still comes in easy stretch qualities and denims come in several new styles.

Generous silhouettes for pants and tops are taking over and offer a great opportunity for wintry and trans-seasonal layering. This is underlined with a luscious selection of soft surface treatments. Examples are a wider range of corduroy, velvet and teddy structures.

The roomy pants, which are tapered and continue cropped, find new partners in denim and chino with “flat front”. There are also straight shapes in various width.

Checks are revisited and melt easily into the color range. Key wording “Closed 24/7” underlines its expressive story telling.

Classic shades of basic chino colors are highlighted with fresh and poignant colors. The greatest team player is a compatible hot orange. Light blue sits rich next to light shades of camel and grey melanges. A neon yellow is the right kick. Deep forest green and black are new basics.

You can shop for the new Closed men’s collection on their website, which now offers worldwide delivery.

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