Ready for some more denim advice?? 🙂

Remember when we talked about the drawback of those super, uber, sky-hi rise jeans a while ago? And how we don’t get it – well, then go on reading:

Here’s one of our denim queens, Hailey Bieber, wearing a pair of those uber high waisted jeans. The style is a 90’s straight leg with a cross-over zipper fly and so far so good. But then, look at how these jeans bunch up and sag around the crotch. The zip-fly looks as if was either placed to high or wasn’t long enough.

At any rate, what we wanted to point out is that before you buy your super high rise jeans, check how they fit and feel around the crotch area. We found that the best way to really see yourself is through a picture. Do a selfie in the fitting room, or ask a sales person to do it for you and you will see the flaws or the perfect fit so much clearer than by just looking at yourself in a mirror.

Let’s be realistic. Do we actually need those uber-high rises? There are so many – just “plain” – hi-rise (without the super or sky rise 😉 jeans out there. More comfortable and way less prone to “malfunction”.

If you love jeans with that cross-over detail, the AGOLDE Criss Cross Upsized Jeans fit the bill perfectly. In a regular high rise (10 3/4″) they sit just right above the waist and come in a looser straight leg style. There’s also that bad boy from R13, really baggy and relaxed if you love this style.