paperbag jeans

Heidi Klum was photographed arriving at LAX, clad in a pair of high waisted paperbag jeans from Polo Ralph Lauren.

She wore her jeans paired with a white long-sleeved graphic Tokio Hotel t-shirt and white stiletto booties.

So here’s the thing about paperbag jeans. They have popped up in one collection or another but I can’t remember seeing them out there a lot. Or spotting them in any brick and mortar store.

Personally, I just can tell you that I would never wear a pair of jeans with overdone pleats, a “ruffled” waistline and – ugh – a matching denim belt attached. Not to mention that because of all the pleating and the gathered waist, these jeans will actually make you look fatter. A total no-no. Unless, of course, you have a bod like Heidi – she can pull these jeans off and look great in them!

Instead, you can opt for some cool straight leg jeans that you can cuff, or boyfriend jeans.

high waisted jeans


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