loose fitting jeans

Film Festival time again in La Bella Italia, to be exact, in Venice. The 76th Venice Film Festival is happening there this week.

And Martha Hunt kept it “Italian classic” chic, dressed in a pair of loose fitting straight leg jeans with a navy blue cardigan and white sneakers. Somehow I always associate navy blue cardigans with Italy. Probably because whenever I go there, I see so many women clad in them, or wearing them thrown over the shoulder, or tied around the waist.

Martha’s jeans are a trendy pair of loose 90’s straight leg jeans with a high rise and a straight leg. The wash is a beautiful light blue, almost white, and there is no distressing or any kind of rips.

Her white leather sneakers are from the increasingly popular sneaker brand, Common Projects, the Original Achilles Sneaker.

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straight leg jeans