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Part of a fashion editor’s job description is walking the trade-shows. You can check out what’s going to be trending in the next season, keep up with your contacts, socialize and have lots of interesting fashion talks. And, of course, get to see what new brands are out there firsthand.

This is what was the case when I checked out the Project show in NYC this past month.

I met Andre Williams, owner and creator of two unique denim brands: DK Shin (image above) and AW (image below).

men's selvedge jeans

The DK SHIN jeans represent an exaggerated representation of the moto style because apart from the ribbed denim stitching, zippers, and skinny fit, they also include a leather interstice around the knee area of the jeans in a ribbed stitch pattern.

The black leather knee insert takes this vintage fabric to a second prestige. However, the significance of the denim lies in its composition, a 97.3% cotton, 2.7% spandex blend crafted into original Japanese Selvedge fabrics. The level of comfort achieved in these jeans is unparalleled in the world of Selvedge denim. DK Shin has styles for men and women. Sizes run from 28 to 40 and we suggest going one size up your regular denim size.

women's selvedge jeans
motorcycle jeans
men's jeans

We asked Andre about what his selvedge denim collection – AW – is all about:

“I am an athlete by trade, but I always had an insatiable interest in the creative process. So much so that I built a fragrance lab in my townhouse to make bar soaps and smell-goods. When the opportunity came around to build a shoe as a white label under a startup shoe company i jumped at it. I began to study and explore the apparel space an started to question why I could wear anyone’s shoe, but not anyone’s denim. The reason was because of my running back thighs (athletic thighs). I decided to do something about it.

AW stands for “All Weather Workers and Travelers”. Denim has a universal heritage. American workwear loved around the world because of the impact of Hollywood and fashion. Nowadays, whether you work, you travel, or you travel for work, denim is almost always appropriate.

AW crafts original 100% cotton Japanese Selvedge fabrics to create unique athletic fit denim jeans. The jeans are unsanforized or”shrink to fit”. I believe the combination of fresh, vintage fabric, unique fit, and unsanforized quality creates a superior pair of jeans. The fabric adapts to you as it shrinks and stretches according to your body over time. The jeans age and fade extremely well.

AW offers both raw and washed styles in varying levels of distress while staying true to a classic, heritage vibe.”

The AW selvedge jeans run absolutely true to size.

You can shop for both collections – DK Shin and AW – on their website.

Way to go, Andre – the men’s athletic fit is truly much needed, especially in selvedge denim!

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