embellished denim jackets

As much as we want summer to be a for-ever thing, we must face reality. Which is, colder weather is coming up. And the best way to facing harsh reality is to find something to look forward to. Enter denim jackets.

And, especially, enter highly individual statement denim jackets which are totally in tune with the biggest “make a statement” fashion trend.

British brand, Nok Nok (we introduced the brand here a few years ago), just launched a complete unisex collection of super exciting and fun denim jackets – each of them with a different kind of statement or embellishment.

  • Owner and creator, Angel Nokonoko, a Central Saint Martins Graduate… was born in Ibiza, but has African and Portuguese heritage.

  • He worked and trained in some big houses like Christian Dior and Galliano, and gained more experience freelancing for Hilfiger Denim. 

  • Angel’s personal interpretation of the denim market is that it is going toward consciousness, but at the same time needs to offer cool new products with an edge… Everyone wants something special that no-one has… that’s the future… the individual self. 

Angel is re-launching with a new capsule collection of organic denim jackets. Still true to the roots, the jackets continue to vibe with 80’s punk and London’s underground rock bars mixed with the free spirit of Ibiza (where Angel was born).

The new arty unisex styles are named after songs by Jimi Hendrix and The Doors, but designs reflect vibrations from today’s world and the current direction, with a message to “awake, arise, become a revolutionary and don’t settle for the norm.” This also informed Angel’s decision to work with organic fabric from Italy.    

Each jacket has the words “Always Dream” inside to send a positive message to the wearer and some styles are personally customized by the man himself. 

unisex denimjackets

We, @Denimology are super excited about these jackets – they are unique in every sense, edgy, uber-cool and exciting. Way to go, Angel – and we’re rooting to see a lot more from the brand 🙂

You can check out and shop for the complete Nok Nok collection on their website.

embellished denim