tie-dyed jeans

So what with all the logo-mania thing going on in the fashion world… logo tees and logo sweats aren’t the only options anymore.

Jordache has taken the logo trend one step further and added it to some of their newest denims.

It all started this past season, when they came out with their dark blue jeans and denim jackets with white logos all over (image below). Agreed, this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us logo addicts love it a bit more subtle.

dark blue jeans
Jordache Logo-Print Slim Straight Jeans – still available on sale for $69

And – subtle in one way – but not so much in another, Jordache launched a new version of their logo jeans, the Logo Tie-Dyed Slim Straight Jeans. The wash is a totally eye-catching attention calling tie-dyed, but the logo is discreet.

Available in a straight-leg jean and in a trucker denim jacket, this is the way to go for all of us label lovers.

Wear the whole look at the same time, or just the jeans or the jacket, paired with some other funky items. It’s fun, it’s for right now as well as for later in fall. Ladies, admit it, your denim closet is already bursting with blues and blacks, so why not something a bit more “risqué “!

You can also shop for more fun Jordache items at Barney’s.