baggy jeans

As you all know by now, when it comes to denim, my thing is baggy and oversized, and – IF I FIND IT – definitely uber-sized.

Hello One Teaspoon! Their newest fall and winter 2019 collection includes the perfect jean for all of my uber-size denim soul mates.

The Black Sea Smiths Trouser Jeans are just so super cool and edgy. A mix of the 90’s jean with a modern boyfriend style, you’re supposed to wear them low slung at the hips and rolled up several times with wider cuffs. It’s exactly the very nonchalant je ne sais quoi kind of vibe I am always looking for.

The wash is another thing that I am totally mad about. A very natural looking faded washed black with only one big rip – perfectly un-distressed and un-ripped otherwise. And the two small pleats at the front of the jeans give them an even more relaxed look.

Please note – these jeans already run big, so there is no need at all to up-size. In my experience with One Teaspoon baggy jeans, many times I actually had to down-size even.

The Smiths jeans also come in a medium vintage blue wash (last image below).

vintage wash jeans