sustainable denim


The highly anticipated 11th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo is set to take place on November 5th and 6th, 2019, at the International Convention City Bashundhara,  Dhaka Bangladesh. The internationally lauded event is recognized as a beacon for leading industry professionals and attracts a vast array of international  and local exhibitors, visitors, and press.

Bangladesh Denim Expo was established 5 years ago to serve as an international platform showcasing the wealth of opportunities available in Bangladesh covering all aspects of the denim supply chain with  exhibitors. There will be displays of fabrics,  garments, threads, machinery, finishing equipment, and accessories – a true top to toe representation of the denim industry of the country.

The underlying concept of the Bangladesh Denim Expo is to fulfil the needs of the international denim community, offering the opportunity to make new contacts, discover new products and to gain a comprehensive overview of the latest developments available from the Bangladesh denim industry.

Besides displaying developments within the denim sector, the Expo is renowned for the promotion of sustainable initiatives, including the use of sustainable and replenish-able materials for the construction of exhibitors booths and display areas. The ongoing focus on worker’s rights and well-being is also an important factor.

The Expo serves as an immersive platform allowing international and local suppliers to meet personally with their customers, create new and  strengthen existing relationships.


The apparel industry in the country is now unrecognizable from that portrayed by the international press  after the fateful Rana Plaza disaster in 2013. Bangladesh  Denim Expo has played a part in this transformation,  changing the perception of the Bangladesh apparel sector, raising awareness of the vast potential available in the country, and continuing to push the sustainability agenda.

The results are undeniable as Bangladesh is now well established as the 2nd largest denim exporter to the EU and the 3rd largest to the USA. The continuing appeal and reach of the Expo has been an undeniable factor in the ongoing growth of the thriving denim industry in Bangladesh over the last 5 years.

From lowly beginnings in May 2014, Bangladesh Denim Expo, established as an inspirational event conceived  to counteract the negativity facing the Bangladesh  apparel industry at that time, is now regarded  as the most prestigious  denim trade event in the region, helping to promote   Bangladesh   and   the  Bangladeshi   denim   industry   to  a  wider   national   and international  audience.


Now in its fifth year and eleventh Edition, the Expo has grown in visitor and exhibitor numbers, and has received international recognition from visitors and the trade press.

For each edition of the Expo a theme has been selected to promote discussion  among exhibitors, guests, and invited speakers. The idea is to inform denim industry trade professional about sustainability, transparency, worker’s rights and welfare. Information about circularity and better business practices for the local  and international denim communities are an important part of the seminars and panel discussions hosted at the event.

The 11th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo will be no different from previous seasons. The theme RESPONSIBILITY will be promoted during this two-day event. This theme aims to highlight the fact that all sectors within the apparel industry need to have social awareness, environmental, and economic responsibility to ensure that their products are being produced in the most ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner possible, with highest regard for worker’s safety and well-being.

Bangladesh Denim Expo has truly cemented itself as a much awaited event in the international denim calendar, allowing new business relationships to be forged and to inform the local and international denim community about the diversity of denim production available within the country, whilst  championing progresses in sustainability, innovation and worker’s welfare.

The 11th edition of the Expo is set to be the most well attended and successful yet, with 100 exhibitors and 9000 anticipated visitors.