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Bangladesh Denim Expo-supports sustainable Development in Apparel Industry of Bangladesh.

The 11th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo will be held on November 5th and 6th, 2019, at the International Convention City Bashundhara, Dhaka Bangladesh. The newly formatted event will see increased exhibitor and visitor numbers and will continue to offer a forum for denim industry professionals to congregate, develop existing and new relationships and, most importantly, to be informed.

Since its inception five years ago, Bangladesh Denim Expo has striven to promote the multitude of apparel development possibilities available in the country, combined with a passion for championing sustainable developments, worker’s well-being, and the introduction of innovative, state-of-the-art production methods.


In addition to promotion of the nation and sustainable projects, the Expo has set an agenda to inform the local apparel industry community about how it can develop in a way that is both acceptable to their international core audience of customers, and will serve to form firm foundations for the Bangladesh apparel sector for the future.

A key part of this initiative is the highly anticipated program of seminar sessions and group panel discussions that are organized at every Expo. As has been proven over the five years of the event, these informative sessions help to gain insight and knowledge about sustainable developments within the apparel industry from leading industry experts. As well as to participate in discussions about the burning issues of the day, led by local and international industry leaders.


The Bangladesh Denim Expo team appreciates the importance of sustainable creativity in the denim industry. In order for the country to maintain its relevance as a denim sourcing hub, the Expo offers informative resources with the specific aim of nurturing local design talent through the presentation of seasonal trend developments and introduction to internationally renowned denim design experts.


For each edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo a theme is selected to promote discussion among exhibitors, guests, and invited speakers to inform the denim industry trade professional regarding issues including sustainability, transparency, worker’s rights and welfare, circularity and better business practices for the local and international denim community. And also to serve as a basis for the numerous seminars and panel discussions hosted at the event.

The 11th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo will be no different from the previous seasons, and will be promoting the theme of RESPONSIBILITY. The theme aims to highlight the fact that all involved in the apparel industry have a social, environmental, and economic responsibility to ensure that their products are being produced in the most ethical, environmentally friendly, and sustainable manner possible, including the worker’s safety and well- being.

The way that business and product development is conducted can have far reaching consequences on the environment, for the people in production and the product’s end use and lifespan. We, at Bangladesh Denim Expo, believe that it is the duty of all stakeholders in the apparel industry to acknowledge his responsibility and to analyze our business practices for the benefit and welfare of all!

Through a series of static product displays, presentations, seminar sessions and panel discussions we will encourage a productive debate and interaction among exhibitors and visitors to champion a more responsible denim industry.

Bangladesh Denim Expo has truly cemented itself as a much-awaited event in the international denim calendar, allowing new business relationships to be forged and to inform the local and international denim community about the diversity of denim production available within the country. The Expo will be championing advances in sustainability, innovation, and worker’s welfare, whilst providing a forum to educate and nurture the local denim industry.

Unprecedented demand from potential and existing exhibitors, as well as requests from visitors to the Expo to increase the number of exhibiting companies have led Bangladesh Denim Expo to implement ambitious plans.

A new, purpose-built event area, adjacent to the existing ICCB Hall 4 building, will allow an expanded number of exhibitors at the event, representing the very best companies from the international denim community who will be presenting the latest in denim developments and innovations for the fall/winter 2021 season.

With an expanded roster of 100 local and international denim industry exhibitors and visitor numbers predicted to exceed 9000, the event will offer the perfect environment for discovering the latest in denim trends and advances in sustainable denim production techniques in Bangladesh, and is set to be the most successful Expo organized over its five year journey.


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