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As we informed you this past April, Denimsandjeans – the pioneers of b2b denim & sportswear supply chain shows in countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam, will now also exhibit in Japan on March 4th and 5th, 2020 at Sunshine City,Tokyo. The show will be themed #DesignedInnovation and

The show will be themed #DesignedInnovation with the purpose of making it an INNOVATION HUB.

Japanese Denim Industry – Though expensive, but Inspiring

Japan is not an easy market. Expecting a pair of jeans within a price range of $40-60 will remain a holy expectation. This market is not for all. The prevailing narrative of price sensitiveness all around the globe while buying a product, fails here and it has many valid reasons – Quality and Design are the biggest ones.

Japanese Denim Companies are known for their fabric quality, R&D and high end products. Their designed products have inspired the global community. It has always been a big draw for designers all over the world who travel there for inspiration and for some it’s a must-do visit at least once a year.

Well known manufactures like Kaihara, Japan Blue, and Kurabo, are leading the local denim industry in terms of fabric manufacturing. And brands like Momotaro, Sugarcane, Evisu, Okayama Denim, FDMTL, Kapital Global, among others, lead in terms of local brands. Uniqlo, one of the largest global retailer, is the biggest seller and imports huge quantities from around the world.

Japanese consumers are one of the largest consumers of denim globally with estimated over 1.3 jeans per person, with over 179 million pairs of jeans being imported. Japan also stands at #2 when it comes to Luxury Apparel segment globally of over $6.5 billion as per McKinsey.

Designed Innovation

Denimsandjeans has been organizing denim shows in Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India and has been in the business for over 6 years while their website, has been catering to the denim industry since 2007.

Here is what the founder of Denimsandjeans, Sandeep Agarwal, tells us:

“We are aiming to creating a niche show at Japan where we can aggregate the best innovators in the denim and related sportswear industry to showcase the latest products to discerning local and international visitors. This show will not only be catering to the domestic Japanese market, but also to International designers. And not only as an innovation hub, but focusing also on the design part of innovation. We expect our exhibitors to bring their latest innovations, which not only add function, but also a design appeal for the consumers. And when we say designed innovation, the sustainability aspect is always the most important key component.”

Why a show in Japan

“Japan has been one of the most inspiring places for denim aficionados to go to. It is also a place where we can see how the traditional means of production have been preserved and perfected over decades. Denim is one of the most favorite apparels for the Japanese customers and in spite of high Japanese costs, a decent amount of production still happens there. We all have a lot to learn from Japan and I think a show in Japan will inspire companies to bring out their best to showcase to Japanese customers and also to visitors from around the world. We must also not forge that Japan is one of the highest consumers of denim globally.”

Companies and visitors to come from

“We expect some of the best global companies to join us and we already have a decent number of confirmations. In terms of visitors, our purpose is to draw designers and buyers from different parts of the world. Visitors can register at to order their passes for the show.”

How are  other shows doing

“We had very successful shows in Bangalore in July and Ho Chi Minch City in June this year. And we are constantly evolving the shows and trying to create a more 360 degree oriented connection for the visitors and exhibitors.”

Any other activities coming up

“Our DE-Brands app has been successfully attracting more and more companies from different regions. Our iOS version was already launched and the Android version is launched now. We expect significant traction from this app for our shows as well.”

To contact the organizer, please e-mail [email protected]

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