black leather jeans

Already tuned to fall – Kendall Jenner gives us a glimpse of how to do oversized in her outfit as she was spotted out in New York during Fashion Week.

She wore a pair of wide leg leather jeans paired with an uber-sized white button down shirt. The sleeves of this shirt are so long that Kendall’s hands got lost in there somewhere, but that’s fine. Uber-long sleeves have been a rave for a long time and we’re not about to lose this trend anytime soon.

At any rate, if you want to do uber-over-sized button-downs, you could go for men’s shirts. Just go up a couple of sizes and you will get the same look as Kendall. Here are some options if you want to go this way. If you prefer a more feminine take, check out these from J Brand, Missguided, and Everlane.