asymmetrical jeans

I am sure you remember a couple of months ago, when you first came face to face with those asymmetrical jeans shown above from Ksenia Schnaider. And we have just this past week included these quite eye-catching and actually pretty fun jeans in one of our trend reports.

For this coming fall and winter 2019, Ksenia Schnaider released these very same jeans in a few new washes, like those grey ones shown above.

And asymmetrical seems to be a Schnaider trademark. Nothing very much “predictable” in her collection! There is always some unexpected mixture of fabrics, or some extraordinary twist in each of her pieces…really fun to check out. And definitely you would so rock in one of these denims when out for a special occasion!

Here is what the brand tells us:

“The key items of the collection are the patchwork items, which are divided into 3 types: knit, denim and sport.The knitted items are made out of textile waste we buy from the biggest local knit factory. Similarly, denim patchwork is made out the textile waste we had in our own production.The exception here is the sportswear patchwork, which we cut up from vintage sportswear from the 80s and 90s, which we source from the local vintage market. “

You can shop for Ksenia Schnaider at YOOX, Neiman Marcus, and they do have a super sale of the S/S collection going on at Bloomingdale’s.