denim bermudas

We thought it would be interesting to show some of the R13 spring 2020 looks here, even if they are not all purely denim. But it is always interesting to check out the trend tendency so we know right now what’s cool to “invest” in. And – of course – also, what’s ok to ditch right now.

Judging by what R13 designer, Chris Leba, showed on the runway, the next seasons are definitely going strong on camo and animal prints. And preferably, the more color and pattern mix, the better. And more preferably still, the more layers, the hyper! In short: Let your checkered boxer shorts show underneath your low-rise animal print bottoms and pair them with banana themed (or the likes) tops. And don’t forget to add that camo jacket, of course ;-). Check out below image for inspo!

And before you go any further in high rise denims, think again. Apparently, and according to Leba here, you will need to go slouchy low-rise. And this, of course, assuming you want to show off your underthingies. Says Leba: “…the subculture on deck⁠ – pun intended – was that of a low-slung-Dickies-wearing skater kid.”

You can shop for the current R13 Collection at Barney’s, Shopbop, and at Net-A-Porter. And the good news: YOOX has tons of R13’s from this past season on sale right now.

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