We first mentioned the BLANKNYC Asymmetric Two-Tone Cropped Straight-Leg Jeans in our post about asymmetrical jeans. And personally, I haven’t been able to get them out of my mind since then. And this, even though I am probably checking out at least some four or five pairs of jeans at least, a day LOL!

So this must mean something, right! The thing is that I love this cross-over fly. It’s so cool to wear these jeans with a cropped tee (now!) and then later on with any kind of cropped sweatshirt, or sweater, or even a cropped denim jacket. Also quite intriguing is the fact that BLANKNYC made these a two-tone style without too much of an attention calling difference in washes. For me any kind of exaggerated detail on my jeans is too much, as I am totally into basic, classic, and vintage denim. and these two washes are so very subtle that I can absolutely go with it.

Resuming: here is one pair of jeans that gives us a very different kind of option without being too “obvious” or too attention calling.

You can check out more BLANKNYC jeans on their website.

cross-over button fly jeans