Raising Awareness of RESPONSIBILITY at Bangladesh Denim Expo.

The doors will be opening for the 11th edition of the Bangladesh Denim Expo on November 5th and 6th, 2019, at the International Convention City Bashundhara, Dhaka Bangladesh.

Now in its fifth year, this season’s Edition will offer an expanded roster of 100 exhibitors, with visitor numbers predicted to exceed 9000, and will be presented in a new enlarged show space area.

As with previous editions of the Expo a theme has been selected for the season, to promote discussion amongst exhibitors, guests and invited speakers to the event, to inform denim industry trade and apparel industry professionals of developments and issues surrounding sustainability, transparency, worker’s rights and welfare, circularity and better business practices.

For the November event Bangladesh Denim Expo will be the theme of RESPONSIBILITY over the two days of the event. As MD Mostafiz Uddin, founder and CEO of Bangladesh Denim Expo explains:

‘Our theme of RESPONSIBILITY serves to highlight the fact that all of us involved within the apparel industry have a degree of  responsibility in terms  of social responsibility, environmental responsibility and economic responsibility to ensure that apparel product is being produced in the most ethical, environmentally friendly, sustainable manner possible, with the highest regard for worker’s safety and well-being.

The aim of each addition of the Expo is to address burning issues of the day with regard to the long term sustainability of the Bangladesh denim industry and the larger global apparel sector, and my team and I have identified 21 issues relating to the three core pillars of sustainability that we will be highlighting during the event’.


The Expo will be promoting discussion and encouraging action by the apparel industry through a series of displays and be hosting a range of seminar sessions and panel discussions around the theme of RESPONSIBILITY.


The apparel industry places a huge strain upon the environment that is unsustainable for the future. By providing a platform whereby environmental issues can be discussed and where sustainable advances in the industry can be demonstrated, the Expo aims to inform and educate exhibitors and visitors alike about initiatives that will benefit the environment.

Topics that will be addressed include the environmental impact of the apparel industry and how improvements can be made, the growth and importance of the circular economy, and how recycling is effecting the industry, chemical control, the promotion of better cotton and water saving and treatment.

The environmental damage caused by the apparel sector has attracted widespread global interest and criticism of late. By bringing these issues to the fore the Expo hopes to both encourage awareness in the industry of the best environmental practices and to affect real change across the sector as a whole.


As an industry that affects the lives of millions of people directly involved within the apparel sector and the environment in which it operates, it is imperative that we take responsibility for the social impact that our decisions and business practices make both upon workers within the industry and the wider social environment.

It is the industry’s responsibility to ensure that worker’s can go about their day-to-day lives without fear of intimidation, safe in the knowledge that their health and safety and general well-being are being cared for.

Working conditions, workers safety and well-being, equal rights within the workplace and the empowerment of women are all examples of how, with a responsible approach, the apparel industry can be a force for good within the business community.

By highlighting  the impact that the apparel sector has on workers, their families  and the communities  in which they live, Bangladesh  Denim Expo strives to encourage the further establishment of transparent and sustainable business practices both for now and the immediate future.

As with previous editions of the event, the Expo will champion the cause of workers rights and well- being and the promotion of equal opportunities for all regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual persuasion.


Bangladesh Denim Expo believe that, through the appropriate buying decisions, the correct sourcing partners and the negotiation of fair prices and wages the apparel industry can continue to thrive in a sustainable manner.

It is the responsibility of buyers to ensure that fair prices are paid for the products they purchase and it is the responsibility of factory owners to ensure that workers receive a fair wage for the work that they produce.

It has been proven that fair pricing and fair purchasing practices have a long term effect on companies and workers in the apparel supply chain and it is the responsibility of the industry to ensure that a proper code of business practices are followed.

Through encouraging discussions and providing a professional atmosphere where buyers and suppliers alike can meet, the Expo provides the perfect location for the development of longer term, mutually beneficial business relationships.

Bangladesh Denim Expo is now well established as the leading denim trade event in the region, allowing new business relationships to be forged and to promote the industry’s advances in sustainability, innovation and worker’s welfare.

The 11th edition of the Expo is set to be the most well attended and successful to date and is guaranteed to provide an insight into the capabilities of the Bangladesh apparel industry and provide a forum for the local and international visitors to congregate and learn about the latest denim developments from a host of leading industry exhibitors and experts in their field.

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