men's jeans

Continuing with the Denim Expert Ltd. newest men’s denim collection for spring and summer 2021, here you can see what else is going to be in store and trendy for the guys.

paint splatter jeans

Style: DEL-08223-OP1-F5238

Slim fit, 11.00 Oz 5-pocket jean with back dart detail, 92.5% Cotton 6% Polyester 1.5% Elastane, deep indigo dyed, ring-spun comfort stretch denim

Wash:  Vintage aged wash with paint splashes

Denim Expert Ltd. have made a concerted effort to re-evaluate the base materials we have used for our Spring/ Summer 2021 developments and have focused on those fabrics that offer sustainable credentials, including materials made with organic cotton, BCI cotton, recycled cotton fibre and recycled polyester and dyed in a manner that yields zero hazardous chemical discharge.

graffiti jeans

Style: DEL-08235-OP1-F6435

Slim fit, 10.00 Oz 5-pocket jean, 77.9% Cotton/  20.2% Polyester 1.9% Elastane, indigo dyed, cross hatch comfort stretch denim

Wash:  Light used aged effect, with localized destroy detailing and graphic treatments.

“Our main focus with the new season’s collection is to bring a product to the consumer that emulates their favorite pair of jeans whilst saving water, energy, and time during the production process, with minimal impact to the environment.”

distressed men's jeans

Style: DEL-08243-OP1-F5390

Slim fit, 11.50 Oz 5-pocket jean with deep scoop front pockets, 98% Cotton/ 2% Elastane, indigo dyed, marble-look, bi-stretch comfort denim

Wash: Aggressive aged effect with color-strip treatment at hems, pockets and waistband.

“This collection features a range of indigo shades, dobby stripes, selvedge denim qualities (for the denim purists!) and a selection of this season’s ‘must have’ lovingly finished shades of black offered in a variety of stretch and rigid denim fabrics.

We have developed a wide range of environmentally friendly finishes for the season, utilizing laser technology, ozone finishing, Green Screen® certified chemicals (offering zero hazardous chemical discharge). We have significantly reduced water consumption and eliminated any PP treatments.

Our customers will be delighted with the results we have achieved, which offer:

20% reduction in the overall water usage in the wash cycle.

GreenScreen chemicals, which are all environmentally friendly certified.

‘ZERO PP’ – a continuation of our ‘ZERO PP’ programme whereby all finishes use environmentally sound alternatives to KMnO4, whist still offering attractive ‘hi-lo’ wash down effects.”

black stretch jeans

Style: DEL-08246-OP1-F6625

Slim fit, 12.50 Oz 5-pocket jean, 93% Cotton/ 5% Polyester/ 2% Elastane, over-dyed comfort stretch black denim

Wash: Aggressive aged effects with localised colour-strip treatments and spot effects.

“This seasons’ collection was developed in-house with the collaboration of our less-able bodied and transgender employees, offering them the further opportunity to both contribute towards this new venture for the company and to gain satisfaction from having been involved with the project from its outset.”

vintage wash jeans

Style: DEL-08275-OP1-F6721

Slim fit, 11.50 Oz 5-pocket jean, 58% Cotton/ 23% Rayon/ 19% Polyester/ 1% Elastane, indigo dyed, soft-touch, comfort stretch ring-spun denim

Wash: Aggressive aged effects with patch & repair and graphic treatments

As a company we are continually striving to achieve higher environmental and social sustainability standards and are very proud to have recently become the first denim manufacturer from Bangladesh to join the UNFCCC for Climate Action, the first manufacturer from Bangladesh to join as a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and the first company in the ready-made garment sector of the country to employ transgender employees.

striped jeans men

Style: DEL-08281-OP1-F6760

Slim fit, 11.00 Oz 5-pocket jean, 100% Cotton, indigo dyed, ring-spun dobby stripe, selvedge denim.

Wash: Natural worn effects with localized color splash treatments.

men's low rise jeans

Style: DEL-08290-OP1-F6083

Slim fit, 11.40 Oz 5-pocket jean with fancy stitch at back yoke, 98.5% Cotton/ 1.5% Elastane, indigo dyed, comfort stretch ring-spun denim

Wash: Aggressive light used wash with localized damage detailing.

Denim Expert Ltd. will display their newest s/s 2021 men’s denim collection at the upcoming Bangladesh Denim Expo November show on November 5th and 6th, 2019. To visit the show, please register here.


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