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For the last few seasons I have actually felt as if there was a competition of who makes the highest rise jeans. Like how high can you go before making it appear like a denim bodysuit or even denim overalls without sleeves.

This said, I gather you have already detected my not so favorable view of these extreme high rises. And rightly so, as you can see from one of my previous posts about this matter:-)

Now with fall already here and winter coming up (we guarantee!), is there really still a need for these extreme high waisted jeans? I mean, we’re going to be covering up in sweaters and sweatshirts anyway, so why even bother? Also, adding the fact that if you have to remain seated for a longer period, these jeans are really not the most comfortable option… Hello those of you eternal Uber riders, or how about you who work sitting down in front of a computer for the better part of the day.

We’ve also received e-mails from our readers inquiring about where to find lower rise jeans, just to quote one: “I’m a 70’s chic and still love my hipster flare jeans which are just about falling apart! Do you know if anyone is making them as the shops in the UK are full of high rise, skinny jeans which look ridiculous on me”…. this said, what are our options?

We certainly don’t want to even consider the 80’s and early 90’s extreme super low rises. We’re actually right now not in favor of anything super or sky – high or low – rise. Why not stay in the comfort zone of “middle”, or slow-slung?!?

Scroll down to see some of the best options available right now. And let us know if you agree or disagree with us about those extremely hi-rises, as always, we love your feedback.

bell bottom jeans
Alice + Olivia Beautiful Low Rise Bell Jean

Thinking of Woodstock….

low slug jeans
RE/DONE The 90’s Low Slung Crop Jeans

A perfect low-slung style is a staple

plus size boyfriend jeans
Standards & Practices X-Boyfriend Destroyed Patched Low Rise Jeans

Patched and ripped and not too baggy

low-rise wide leg jeans
Express Low Rise Original Wide Leg Jeans

The wider waistband helps keeping the jeans “in place”

Liquor N Poker stepped waist boyfriend jean

Cool hi-low waistline

low-rise boyfriend jeans
Rag & Bone Drew Low-Rise Slim Boyfriend

Borderline low-waist and super edgy

low rise baggy jeans
One Teaspoon Awesome Baggies Low Rise Jeans

The perfect “in-between” skinnies and boyfriends

low slung relaxed jeans
Khaite Kyle Relax Low-Rise Jeans

Stark and classic

plus size grey jeans
Good American Good Legs Crop Raw Edge

A perfectly comfortable mid-rise

flare jeans
BDG Tamara Baggy Low-Rise Wide Leg Jeans

Hippie time anyone ?;-)

black low-rise jeans
GUESS Power Skinny Low Rise Jeans

To give your hi-rise skinnies a break


  1. Oh I wish to find low rise jeans right now. The point is I want classic blue color jeans, straight leg. I’m tiny. Everywhere in my country are boyfriends, mom fit, skinny, everything with high rise under my ribs!!!

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