dad jeans

Kate Bosworth was out in Studio City, Los Angeles, wearing a pair of dad jeans. Slouchy, oversized, and worn loose at the hips, the dad jeans have been popping up quite a lot lately.

As opposed to the mom jeans which usually feature a more tapered leg, the dad jeans have a wider straight leg. Levi’s came up with this style a few months ago and it has been on our checklist* since then.

*Waiting to check how this style would catch on in the denim world. I have to say that personally, for me it was love at first sight. After all those super high rises and more fitted denim styles, I am really more than ready for a more relaxed and comfy fit.

So ok, agreed, it’s not the most sexy of all looks, but then again, do we always have to strive for a sexy look?


The Levi’s Dad Jeans are available in the light blue wash, as seen here on Kate, at Urban Outfitters. And you can also shop for them in a darker blue wash on the Levi’s website.

relaxed jeans