denim shirt

As always when it comes to the colder seasons, we start thinking of layering. Thick and heavy sweaters by themselves are just too boring. And not only that, there’s also the problem of once you’re out of the cold and inside some overheated ambiance, you should be able to “shed” clothing. Like take off your coat followed by another and another item without having to resort to baring your underwear 😉

Katie Holmes definitely inspired us here – her layering is just so perfect and so easily do-able:

She wore a pair of coated black hi-rise jeans with a basic white t-shirt, added a light blue denim shirt, and finished off her outfit with a knitted off-white cardigan.

Way to layer, Katie, thanks for the inspo! We went shopping ASAP for similar pieces to get Katie’s look:

Basic white t-shirts – we always love our GAP tees!

Coated black jeans – 1822 Denim, Joe’s Jeans, Celebrity Pink (plus size)

Denim Shirts – Neiman Marcus has some rad options

Cardigans – Everlane, ACQUA, Madewell