Barney’s New York – an era has come to an end and we are filled with sadness and, yes, “homeless”.

And just before you start asking us why we feel so sad, empty, abandoned, forsaken, lost…. it is because it’s now official that Barney’s going, gone, here’s why:

Barney’s has been our denim mecca, church, synagogue, temple, or whatever you want to call it, since forever. As opposed to most stores, especially department stores, you could always count on Barney’s to carry the denim brands that nobody even knew existed, or that had just launched.

Barney’s was never afraid to risk investing in new and/or unknown denim brands. When most of the other stores preferred to play it safe and carry only denim brands that were already well known and popular, you could always count on finding something new and exciting at Barney’s.

Has it paid off? Obviously, judging by what’s happening now, it has not. And the saddest conclusion: at least for now, it still does not pay to be different, avant-garde, or too fashion forward. Our society still goes for the known and “proven”.

But, this is not going to change anything for us @Denimology. We will still be on the hunt for the newest, as of yet undiscovered, and exclusive denims out there.

Meantime, scroll down for some of the best an exclusive denim brands currently still available at Barney’s. And click on the links below the images to see where else you can shop for them once our mecca is gone.

Good bye, Barney’s, we are already missing you ….

Forte Dei Marmi – women’s re-constructed jeans

Denham – currently available in Europe

Grlfrnd – women’s fashion jeans

Gallery Department – their denims are currently available only at Barney’s

John John Lab – men and women – currently available in Brazil

John Elliott – men’s jeans

Moussy Vintage – 100% cotton jeans in beautiful vintage washes

Ksubi – women

Ksubi – men

Purple – streetwear brand, men’s jeans

NSF – women

RE/DONE – women’s re-purposed, as well as fashion jeans

R13 – women

R13 – men

RtA – denim for men

Reese Cooper – their denims are quite unisex

Slvrlake – women’s jeans mainly 100% cotton and selvedge