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Japan – 3rd Largest Importer of Denim Globally

Japan – 3rd Largest Importer of Denim Globally
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Read on for some more very interesting details about the Japanese denim industry provided by Denimsandjeans.

Japan is one of the most inspiring country when it comes to denim. The way the Japanese have gone deep into adding their own distinct identity to this product in the last 5-6 decades is amazing. This gives the local grown Japanese denim a special flavor and touch. It is also a place where we can see how the traditional means of production have been preserved and perfected over decades.

However, not many people know that Japan is also the third largest importer of jeans globally after EU and US. with approx 175-180 million jeans imported in a year. This is because, though Japanese have some good local production, the same are much more expensive and many retailers and brandsimport their jeans from overseas.

In the first eight months, which ended August 2019, Japan clocked a total import of 116 million units of denim garments which is expected to reach up to 174 million units by the end of this year.

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Japan is also home to amazing denim brands which bring some of the most unique products globally. Brands like Kapital, Momotara, Samurai ,Sugarcane and many others have created their own niche globally with their offerings not affected by seasons. There is lot to be learnt from these brands and that is why global designers travel their every year for inspiration.

The strength, breadth, and importance of the Japanese market factors motivated Denimsandjeans to launch their new Denim B2B Trade show in Japan, which will take place March 4th and 5th, 2020, at Sunshine City, Tokyo.

With a theme #designedinnovation, Denimsandjeans focuses on the latest developments which have been introduced in the denim industry recently. With over 40 participants from all around the world, Denimsandjeans eyes over to attract a large number of the reputed retailers  and brands from Japan besides USA, EU and South East Asia.

“Denim is one of the most favorite apparel for the Japanese customers and in spite of high Japanese costs, a decent amount of production still happens there. We all have a lot to learn from Japan and I think a show in Japan will inspire companies to bring out their best to showcase to Japanese customers and also to visitors from around the world,” Mr Sandeep Agarwal, CEO & Founder Denimsandjeans states.The entry in the show is through invitation, and for invitation, a buyer can register on Denimsandjeans Japan website or contact them at [email protected]