Riding in subways here in New York City, or taking a cab – lately we have noted the Verishop advertising popping up like every-where! And we’re so totally into their “verichic”, “veriquick” wordplay (we’ve added the “veridenim” ourselves)!

And as we already mentioned a few months ago, Verishop has slowly, but surely become our newest denim destination. And just saying, it’s not only all about newest denim styles, but they do have a huge variety in everything you could possibly be shopping for: beauty, home, clothing in general, and much more. And we have a strong feeling that there will be a lot more stuff happening there moving forwards.

Why we’re so into Verishop also has another reason. They do offer one day free shipping within the USA and with our mind set to instant gratification, that’s a big plus. And how about free returns… definitely a plus especially when shopping for jeans.

Now, about their denims available online. A very good selection of all different kinds of denim brands, ranging from very trendy and reasonably priced BLANKNYC to middle-priced brands like AG, and more expensive brands like Moussy Vintage.

Also included in their designer lists are quite new and sustainable brands like Boyish, and difficult to find anywhere brands like edgy AMO.

Did we mention that Verishop also offers you the choice of shopping for organic and/or sustainable denim – see below.

We especially want to point out that Verishop is also THE place for guys to shop for a variety of very “insider” denim brands, like EDWIN and COF Studio.

This said, we feel that we are more than ready for a “verinew” shopping destination and can’t wait to see what other denim brands they will include moving forward.